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Pokemon one shot :iconthegreatpoetnick119:thegreatpoetnick119 0 0
Objects spin and spin around me in a never ending cyclone, striking me again and again
This loved one, that loved one, this one betrays, that one berates, any that might come i batter away swiftly
Choices are put forth only to turn into snakes, always slowly tightening about me, ready to swallow me whole
Responsibility is a tower that seems to climb ever higher, a bastion of all things I must overcome to reach something even coming close to resembling happiness
Values, once indestructible pillars, smashed into countless bits of uncertainty to be hurriedly pieced back together into timid shadows of themselves
Two little ones shine through the murk, the only bright points in the darkening skies, both becoming darker and farther away with every passing day, all my fault
Promises made snap like brittle plaster, seeming to be strong when made,crumbling at the first opportunity
Words fly forth to turn into stinging wasps, opening sores that ooze lies and corruption from pale flesh
Tired, alw
:iconthegreatpoetnick119:thegreatpoetnick119 2 2
Fake Man
Strong man, fake man
Told he is loved, told he is mighty
Told he is a disappointment, told he is not to be relied on
Smart man, fake man
Told he is intelligent, that he is worthy of recognition
Told he is a child,told he is a thing to be raised despite being a strong man, a smart man
Chosen man, fake man
Told he is valued, told he is the one
Told he is not enough, told he was not to be protector
His arms and wit used to support and protect are not what is desired though he was told that he was a strong man, a smart man
Another is found worthy, another who's arms are stronger and wit is sharper, though, apparently not chosen
This strong, smart, chosen man is confused, to say the least
What is he to feel, one must wonder
One question he does hold to, despite being told not to, though he will not share, for a smart man, keeps certain thoughts to himself
:iconthegreatpoetnick119:thegreatpoetnick119 2 0
Celestial Dance
Three stars orbit slowly in the midnight sky, calm, careful circles revealing a slow but passionate dance
At first, the gravity that binds them allows for only slow, painstakingly cautious circuits
Thus, the dance begins, steady and attentive, unsure feet working in unpracticed tandem
Gradually, gravity brings the cosmic entities closer and closer, the dance know becoming smoother and more fluid, sensations once completely alien now become familiar and comforting
Tendrils of molten light now arc between the three beings of eternal fire, hands reaching out to grasp their partners as their dance quickens
The surface of each of the massive balls of energy begins to warp and stretch, gravity now so immense that chunks of the creatures crafted of heat and fire began to rip and tear violently
The dance is now so fast and full of passion that the participants are no longer aware of what was their body and what was not, only the emotions that led them to this ritual allow them to even believe
:iconthegreatpoetnick119:thegreatpoetnick119 3 1
Greedy hands are smacked away from “not ready” food, leaving the would be thief to nurse red welts at the dinner table
Heady aromas and savory scents permeate the air, bringing forth a sudden surplus of stomach rumbles and saliva
Dented metal forks and dull knives await the disaster to come with gloom acceptance, clean plates wait their inevitable dirtying at the hands of those whom had just cleaned them
Independents gather at a single point, waiting for their feeding to begin, individuals becoming a group, even if only till all the food is gone
The phenomenon begins as soon as the final person has taken their place, as soon as the last item is put down
Hands fly forward, claiming this or that item for their users while elbows find rib cages and feet search out knees in the battle for dominance
Eventually though, all have what they want, or, at the very least…. What they need
Food disappears from plates in quantities and speeds not thought possible by most of man kind
:iconthegreatpoetnick119:thegreatpoetnick119 1 0
Woman and Lake
A lake lays peaceful and calm, water still and quiet
Snow peaked mountains guard the lake, their rocky bluffs preventing storms and strong winds from disturbing its placid surface
Swaths of vivid green cover the feet of the mountains, drinking in happily the cool waters they ringed
A single house could be seen on the edge of the body of liquid, a single fingerprint of man amongst pristine nature
A wooden pier extends out from the man-made structure, dipping its wooden beams into the cold waters, connecting natural and not
A single human, feminine in nature, walks alone on slightly rotted timbers, ignoring the creaks and groans her weight inspires
She quickly bridges the gap between known and feared, with naught but a slight tremor in her steps to betray to the world her irrational terror
She stands over the shimmering blue, toes hanging over the edge of the pier, her back straight and shoulders set,  standing tall and proud in her solidarity
She slowly drops to one knee and places
:iconthegreatpoetnick119:thegreatpoetnick119 1 0
I am human
My colors can be black as the night that brings me slumber, as brown as the sand beneath my sandals, as white as the snow I trudge through
I have seen the cruel eyes of the ancestor ape in my fellow man and still, I move on
I am a creator of gods
From my mind, creatures and beings of power unimaginable have sprang into existence
From my lips, their gospel spill forth and homo sapien turns on homo sapien in his name
I am the builder of civilization
From roving bands of spear wielding nomads to empires holding sway over entire portions of the human race, I have evolved
My territory is no longer a small stretch of trees, plain, or sand, but a kingdom that stretches from one corner of the world to another
I am an artist, the first in the world
From cave wall to structures that reach past the very confines of the sky, my works appear on the earth
My creations can bring a man to tears or light bright passion in his chest that drives him to do wondrous things
I am a slaver and slav
:iconthegreatpoetnick119:thegreatpoetnick119 4 0
1 AM
Hair stands on end as lips pull back in a feral bellow
Fists clench tight against pale palms, sharp nails digging into soft flesh
A defensive snarl emits from the opponent, hurtful words and unjust accusations fly across the gap
Hands raised in a sign of submission, words of regret and apology spill forth over trembling lips, seeking forgiveness and comfort
Human eyes close wearily, act of dominance now done, tears held back by timid instinct, love growing thin in the presence of constant discord
One collapses against the other, seeking warmth and comfort in the almost reluctant lovers embrace
Another night passes in a nondescript home filled with false hope and broken promises
Another night envelopes the sleeping lovers, doing its best to wipe away the debris of the day before
:iconthegreatpoetnick119:thegreatpoetnick119 7 10
As the water droplet fell, the lifeless body swung to and fro
The wooden boards groaned as they strained to keep the dead weight aloft, bulging outward with every swing
Callused, Cold fingers and swollen, cracked toes traced odd symbols and queer objects I the dust coating the floor, painting strange things upon their new canvas
The rope that wrapped about the dead man’s waist held firm, keeping the perversion of a pendulum swinging to and fro, as it was asked to, not too long ago
The cadaver swung back and forth, a meaningless mockery of the grandfather clock that swept away all before it in its endless ocean of time
Tick, tock, tick, tock
Creak, groan, creak, groan
The inanimate object still continues its pointless swinging, even to this day, continues to mock the almighty hands of time, as it will forever more,  just as the master ordered it to be so
:iconthegreatpoetnick119:thegreatpoetnick119 8 3
A lone figure stands at the edge of a cliff, the gorge below him spelling death for any that slipped within its greedy maw
A cloud hovered over the solidarity gazing into the abyss, flowing white ebbing back and forth within its blurred confines
"So, just because all the others jumped of the cliff, you will as well?"  the being crafted form ever flowing existence asked in a voice that bespoke of endless wisdom, one can only imagine what one who lives upon the winds has learned over the endless traipsing of time
"well.... yes, even mother jumped, the cold hearted bitch... What's the point of staying if I'm the only one left?" the singularity answered, his own question revealing the sorrow and abandoned hope etched into the being
"To learn, my friend" the ever shifting existence replied, ending the conversation as swiftly as a gale ends a forest fire, silently flowing away on quietly whispering winds from the now falling figure
:iconthegreatpoetnick119:thegreatpoetnick119 6 4
"A challenger comes, a challenger comes!"
The whisper leapt from tree to tree, filling the evening air with quiet noise and sudden tension
"Tell the prince a challenger comes to take his throne!" The forest whispered, glee dripping from the words like sap from an ax blow
Leaves dance throughout the trunks that densely pack the land as far as one cared to look, searching through the old ones, searching for the prince that ruled this forest
A lone wolf rests in a rare clearing, resting his massive bulk on the soft earth, his paws kneading the rich loam below
His ears twitched and nose wrinkled as sounds and smells reached him at his hard earned resting spot
"A challenger waits! He comes to steal your food, to claim your land, and mate with your females and kill your young!" The forest cried out in a voice molded from smell and sound, calling the alpha to his feet and to action
The great wolf leaps into the surrounding forest, leaving behind his quiet resting place and instead taking to t
:iconthegreatpoetnick119:thegreatpoetnick119 3 3
Mature content
Sands :iconthegreatpoetnick119:thegreatpoetnick119 6 2
Tainted Hope
Sleep now child, ask why not the world bleeds
Ask not why god demands that all must obey and love him or burn forever in eternal fire
Ask not why Allah declares man must kill man and stain the ground with infidel blood
Ask not why Jehovah brings forth the refugees to a promise land that must be earned with the lives of those who have already claimed it
Even the reaper looks upon us in sadness, upon his throne of lost souls, do you know this child?
Even death on wings a black sheath turns his head in shame as man kills man in the most horrendous of ways
Mother earth dies, with not the heart to kill her children, even though they work night and day to suck her veins dry, to siphon her very life in their need to destroy one another, this, certainly, you must see young one
The goddess weeps in death as the gods are born laughing, their fetid fingers reaching deep into human minds, twisting and squirming all the way
Sleep now child, for maybe when you wake, we will be as one, or maybe, we w
:iconthegreatpoetnick119:thegreatpoetnick119 11 12
Alien Sample (plz read description before you read
The alien hissed as its black carapace was sliced open by the larger warrior’s thick tail, leaving a gaping gash that spewed acid blood forth, the pressurized blood now playing against the smaller drone. The drone backed away from its aggressor, hissing and spitting, drool now tinged with acid as its body prepared to defend itself. The larger warrior hissed its derision, seeming to laugh at this young upstart, pitifully small even for its age and rank. The drone smooth carapace almost seemed to wrinkle with anger as the alien before it mocked him. His barbed tail, not as thick as the warriors and with a thin barbed tail at the end meant for precision cuts, snapped forward, catching the 9 foot warrior, larger than usual, of guard, penetrating the carapace just below the nape of its neck, sinking in a few inches before quickly retreating. The warrior screeched, charging forward and hitting the drone with its full weight, sending them both crashing into the hive wall behind the dron
:iconthegreatpoetnick119:thegreatpoetnick119 2 4
Fire crashes through the feeble clouds high above, destroying the peaceful evening sky
It belches a long column of smoke and fouler things in its wake, consuming all that is before it, leaving nothing but choking gases and broken beings
A man steps from his hiding place amongst the crumbling civilization of his once great kin, the rest of his kind scramble away from him, wanting no part in his defying of the great monster falling down upon them, seeking no more than the carnal pleasure of destruction and pain
The lone man stands tall and strong, lifting his right arm up in a gesture of passive resistance, instead of outright hostility
His hand is steady as he faces the ravenous being, his face did not flinch from the heat that roasted all about him but could not seem to rake him with the temperature, could not set him aflame like the rest of humanity that had not fled fast enough
His eyes did not part from the diseased flame, though it surely blinded him, if not cooked his eyes in thei
:iconthegreatpoetnick119:thegreatpoetnick119 11 31
The walls quake and the floor shakes, sending armored men tumbling and hungry servants stumbling
The wooden gates tremble under the onslaught, the strong ancient timbers, crafted by a once proud people, now creaking and groaning
Hands tightened on sword pommels and fingers wrapped about spear hafts, grim determination and exhaustion etched into every defender, into their every movement and every breath as hope was crushed from their bodies, replaced with cold acceptance and gnawing hunger
Cracks appear in the great oaken planks, splintering under the great pressure, bowing inwards as the defenders desperately pushed back, hoping to stop the tide, turn back the enemy
A cry of pain and one of the armored men falls, blood dripping to the ground, a splinter had flown from the weeping door and found the steel clad figures eye, staining both his metal clothed hand and the cobble stone floor in the eerie red
Final prayers flew from tired lips, despera
:iconthegreatpoetnick119:thegreatpoetnick119 6 0

Random Favourites

Sweet, as my Revenge
Feel free, do the somatics of my limbs,
Trembling with utmost excitement to be
commanded by this now vicious mind...
I shall make an artistic piece of you,
to be placed in my bitter memory of
your wretched image....
To thy throat I place the rusty blade,
with a razor edge as jagged as thy tongue.
The accursed tongue that dug deep
the hole before thee, and to thee I pray,
the luck of Daemons
As any luck at all is far undeserved...
Your voice shall never reach beyond this hole...
Thy hallowed screams shall never find the surface,
As such a blackened pit is too deep to carry sound...
Personal as it all may seem, my will is the will,
Of a bitter man. Justified through malicious retribution.
Sanctified to my vicious solution.
To my own, the blood corses through these hollow veins
with a sinister enjoyment...
Just as yours boils out the sweat brought about
by the fear in your beating heart.
To what purpose do I express mercy?
You shall make food of the life of surrounding Earth!
And when you
:icongrubbswriting:GrubbsWriting 7 3
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A sea of green waved lazily as a gentle breeze rolled over its surface, sunshine glistening off of grass stalks as it would any actual body of water. Hemmed on all sides by giant pines and ancient oaks, the peaceful swath of bright green amid darker forest coolers provided a pleasant backdrop for any pleasant dream. Mountains with snowy peaks could be witnessed at the egde of the horizon, far away monuments to processes of time immemorial. This scene of tranquility and beauty shattered in an instant, replaced with one of savagery and brutality.

First, the gentle breeze was transformed into a raging torrent of blistering hot wind, the smell of smoke thick in the previously scentless air. It only lasted for a second however, for, from the thick tree line,a column of flame vomited forth , disintegrating anything that was before it’s hungry maw. Following the all destroying fire, a roar shook the pine forest, deafening any close enough to pay witness to the wrath of the one who’d produced such a awesome spectacle.

A small figure dashed from the tree line, avoiding the path of scorched earth that had now replaced the grass that had covered half the peaceful glade that had been just moments before.  It quickly made its way to the center of the small clearing, it’s deft movements and agile gate letting it move with surprising speed, considering it could not have been more than a few feet tall. The odd creature stopped once it had reached the center, turning to face the smoking hole that had once been a stretch of healthy trees.

A mankey, large for its kind, but a mankey none the less, was what stood, small eyes full of wry intelligence scanning the forest about it, clearly waiting for something to happen. The small ape did not have to wait long. One moment it could feel the warm sun touching it’s hairy hide, the next, it’s world was draped in shadow. In the empty space behind the simian like pokemon, a vast shape materialized suddenly and without warning. It was huge, so large that the small animal it engulfed with its shadow seemed laughably tiny next to it. An enormous wolf, with a pelt that seemed to trap the very fire it could spit from its body in its coloring, pulled back it lips, revealing glistening fangs, the largest of which could easily spear the tiny animal before it completely through. The arcanine's jaw opened to reveal molten orange and yellow light, flames hot enough to melt even steel.

Just before it was to late, before the onslaught of hell fire could be unleashed, a blue light coated the small creature before it’s towering adversary, briefly illuminating the small ape in a shimmering coat of cobalt mist. In the same instant the huge wolf had appeared, it unleashed it’s awesome fury. From its maw poured forth a torrent of golden red flame, completely obscuring the Arcanines foe from view as it spread rapidly in all directions.

The flames would only be let forth for a few moments however, the apparent victory dashed from existence. At the center of the barrage of heat, blue electricity danced for a moment amongst the flames, crackling energy lancing forward in all directions. The giant canine did not move fast enough, to confident in its attack to prepare quickly enough for the retribution it’s acts had inspired. Tendrils of stinging energy slammed into the fire type, ending it’s attack and lifting it’s from its feet. The huge beast landed a few meters away, it’s bulk shaking the ground as it slammed into the soft loam hidden beneath the green grass.

Where a sea of flame had once been, the small ape was all that could be witnessed, it’s now charred and burnt coat of tan fur crackling and pulsating with blue Tendrils of electrical power that emanated from its right fist. Below its feet, the green that had once been their was now replaced with glowing earth, hot enough that it ignited anything that came within a few inches of its surface. The mankey, seeing it’s opponent was down and not wanting to lose the momentum of its attack, immediately went on the offensive, seeking a quick victory before more damage could be done.

Stunned for a few moments by the impact of its massive form against the ground below, the arcanine was unable to defend itself or dodge the oncoming blow, large brown eyes fixed on its advisory as it bore down. With speed that defied logic, almost simply seeming to disappear for a moment from reality, the smaller Pokemon leapt forward, it’s closed fist, still wreathed in snapping Azul power, pulled back, ready to unleash the ferocious killing blow. “ ENOUGH” the shout came from the nearby tree line, a deep voice with undeniable authority laced within it. The enormous, flame colored wolf quit trying to struggle to its feet, laying down where it had fallen with an audible wine. The small, charred ape landed neatly by its opponent, nothing remaining of its aura of power except a slight blue nimbus around its right hand.

The mankey was in far worse condition than its apparent enemy, though it seemed to be dealing with the pain far better, the arcanine whimpering as it lay, sprawled out across the soft grass that had somehow survived the titanic struggle. While the gargantuan wolf sported a ragged burn across its chest, one that promised a truly epic scar, the diminutive ape was more cinder than flesh. Over half its body missed fur, the once spiky, tan pelt replaced with charred meat, giving off an acrid odor that smelt of all things wrong. The Pokémon held itself high however, steely, intelligent eyes betraying no pain, only hot, barely controlled rage at having its victory stolen out from under it.
Pokemon one shot
This is a fight scene between an Arcanine and a mankey, both extremely high level pokemon. Both are pokemon in my ocs battle set, hoepfully more one shots and an actual, eventual story will follow, please enjoy 


thegreatpoetnick119's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I'm rutting around, not quite sure what I'm doing, only sure that I'm managing to muck up whatever it is. Always happy to meet new faces and love new things, not to willing to make an effort though and motivation seems to be having an affair with everybody she can get her inspirational fingers into. Please forgive any offense given, not the intention though very much the outcome in many cases. Do ask a question should it be on your mind, expect an uncensored and honest answer in return.

  This is my ever growing list of role play ideas. Most that I have right now are set within one of 3 fandoms, Pokémon, Alien (movies franchise), and Sonic the hedgehog. I shall soon be adding original ideas as well. I am always happy to hear any ideas you have, any original ideas of yours or any alterations to mine you may have. Please make sure to read more than just my roleplay ideas, I have a few requests in regards to those who are interested in terms of what to expect from me and what ill expect from you when we rp.

Be warned that I am looking for active role players. If you cant respond at with at least some kind of regularity, please don't get my hopes up only to have them crushed when my response remains unanswered and unread. If i canceled a roleplay with you recently and i haven't reached out to you yet about starting up once more, please note me and i shall start again as soon as i can.

Here starts the list of my original ideas, do forgive me if they are somewhat jumbled and long compared to those in fandoms, their is much more to explain than would otherwise need be

1. For uncounted eons, 3 countries have ruled the Continent of Kroll peacefully. To the north, over vast stretches off snowy mountain peaks and frozen tundra, stretches the Krog monarchy. Due to the vast majority of the continents mineral wealth being located within its borders and the countries strict laws on exporting nothing but finished metal work, little ore is to be found outside the principality. It is very rare for a smith not to be able to trace, if not his lineage, than at least the lineage of the one who trained him, back within krogs borders. Its borders run along the Carg mountains (a mountain chain that dominates the north, north east, and north west and marks on all maps the most northernly point anyone has traveled) to end at the isis river that serves as the shared border between it and the other 2 countries. While it has more than twice the amount of land than the other two countries combined, only its most southern portions house any cities of note, the rest of the country populated by scattered villages, mining outposts, or the random rangers station. A few non human species originate from this area, such as one of the two species of krog and mountain dwarves and mountain orcs
To the south and east rises the Shike republic. Within in its domain lie the entirety of the coast line, rich port city after rich port city. The most fertile of farmland and control of all rivers that lead to and from the sea make the Shike land the richest and most bountiful of all her neighbors. It has fostered a thriving community of philosophers, scientists, engineers and other intelligent men. To her, all learned men flock. And while the country does not have the most native nonhumans within its borders or the highest population of such beings, recent influxes of nonhumans have made it the only country in which not only humans hold political power. The Shike Republic is the smallest of the three countries, her borders being the isis river to the north, the coast to the east, the kroth forest to the south, a forest that has resisted all efforts to either explore, destroy, or push past, Falk river ( a southernly meandering tributary of the isis river).
To the never ending west falls the Morris empire. From the Falk river onwards, all land is technically under the empires control, though, in reality, the large blank space on the map marks where imperial control ends and savage wondering nomads begin. While the Shike repiblic has its universities and fertile land, and the Krog monarchy has its gold and iron, the Morris empire has nuaght but moderate farmland and the highest abundance of nonhuman, intelligent species of all three countries. It has had to deal with many civil wars and waves of unorganized barbarians from the west in its centuries of existence. Becouse of this, and the fact it suaght to have a level playing field with the other two countries, despite not having advanced technology, rich farmland or vast mineral wealth, its military might far outstrips that of either of its neighbors. 
In recent years, great famine and pestilence has devastated both The countries of Krog and Morris, killing of more than one tenth of the miners in Krog and destroying over a third of the Morris army. The Shike Republic has to thank it's superior farming technology and higher standards of sanitation in its avoidance of these catastrophes. Both of the beleaguered countries have requested their prosperous neighbor for assistance but the Republic refuses. My character is a highly suaght after mercenary, having earned much fame in his years fighting in the Morris army against invading savages. He has gathered about him his own group of fighting individuals, all fiercely loyal to him. He has recently been dispatched to guard an envoy convoy from the Morris to the Krog monarchy. Who your character is is entirely up to you. Is he/she within my character's band of fighting individuals? Is he/she the envoy my character is hired to protect ? Perhaps the assassin of forementioned envoy? Any of these or anything you can think of would be an acceptable character. This universe can be set either in a one with physics similar to our own, or one in which magic and anthropomorphic creatures are in high abundance. Again, all based on your whimsy 

2. The milky way, once a mystery of whether or not it harbored life on any planet other than earth, has been discovered burgeoning with life, much of its intelligent and aware of its existence within the universe. Man has developed far enough that he can now terraaform previously uninhabitable planets and humans can be found in evidence in almost every corner of the galaxy. Now, many years after its initial surge, the former united front of humanity has wilted and broken into myriad pieces, small principalities encompassing anywhere from many hundreds of solar systems to one or two planets popping up where a smooth empire once lay. Non human species are also beginning to push through the once human dominated matrix, making for a patch work quilt of ever changes powers across the vast space. An organization, known simply as SAPIEN, which has been operating for centuries, since man took to the stars, works feverishly to band humanity back together, to prevent the human species from simply disappearing. My character runs a slave ship in under a shell corporation that is actually a front for the SAPIEN organization. More details if you are interested. 

Here are my only current ideas within the Pokémon universe as of now

1. The Pokémon world is ruled by elitist aristocrat families that rule the puppet government. They decide there rank amongst themselves and society by the trainers they hire, whether it is the sheer number or the high quality of the trainers. The trainers are, for the most part, left to their own devices as long as they participate in the required number of recorded battles and attend the required number of tournaments held by gym masters. There is a lot more to this ( such as the ranking system, both for trainers and the families, the actual government, team rocket) than what I have listed and I will give more info if you are interested.

2. The story is set centuries the current cannon universe, long before the league was a viable governing system. All the regions are at war with each other, with mass hunts scouring the land for Pokémon to be used in the endless fighting. The war retarded the growth of technology as did the invention of the pokeball. All rare Pokémon and abnormally powerful were immediately confiscated by the military and found their way to the wealthy, who were the real reasons behind the wars. The common conscripted soldier was given the most common Pokémon, and were sent into huge confrontations that scarred the land, but were only fronts as the real work of the rare Pokémon was done at the aristocrats bidding. The aristocrats would eventually be over thrown by the government now ruling (the leagues, with the gym masters being descendants of war heroes) and the military reduced to a mere guerilla rebel force (team rocket). Again, there is far more to it, you need only ask to be told 

For the sonic fandom, the first option for the Pokémon fandom can easily be tailored to fit this universe and I’d be happy to do so as well as one more idea
1. Two clans have resin in worship of the master emerald and the seven chaos emeralds. One is called the divided, which possess many varieties of chaos control and are split into many factions that war with each other constantly. The other is called the harvest, they have strange powers with the chaos emeralds and master emerald, powers that vary from controlling the elements, to seeing the future, to reading minds. This idea isn’t as well thought out as the others, as I don’t know if it’s set in the future or in present day sonic, or even before that. Or even If sonic will even be involved, or his friends or eggman, or any of the others. This one is the most subject to change so please note any ideas you have as soon as you can. 

For alien,i have two ideas, both falling within, monsterxhuman and monsterxmonster categories. I have a human oc but I don't really have any clear ideas for him. If your interested in any alien fandom role plays in which humans are the focus point, not aliens, let me know and we can bat around some ideas 

1. Your character has crash landed on a known xeno infested planet, your ship is destroyed when you impact but somehow, you survive. You soon find there are other things on this planet, things that are much stronger than you and just as smart. My character, a xeno that isn’t part of a hive, a warrior that has managed to escape the queens mind, finds you first and decides to play with its prey instead. Basically monster finds human and either makes the human its pet or befriends the human, as you’ve probably guessed.

2. On a sweltering jungle planet in a rarely traveled system, something rare has occurred. The alien swarm labeled by humans as, xenomorphs, have found a planet they cannot completely consume, something that even humans could not stop when it occurred. The local fauna are hardy enough to survive the infestation and have even been able to exist along the xenos. Again, in this one, my character is a rogue xeno, has no hive, hunts alone, and your character is either one of the local fauna or is another xeno and they befriend another in some form or fashion , mainly monster x monster 

Now, here is my dirty little secret section. Smut, smut, and more smut, perhaps with a dab of sotryline here and their. Im always up for something smuty and, even though i generally play a male (only exception is when im playing a genderless, humoniod creature (such as alien), im not only looking for a female, males are more than welcome as well.

1. I love domxsub ordeals and would love to have a roleplay centered around one. I have usually played the more dominate character in most of my rps but i would enjoy trying a more submissive role

2.I dont have a list of fetishes to give you as must journals do but i would ask that you tell me if your going to try and push for any of yours, especially if they are not of the normal genre. 

I will role play through any medium of communication you wish to use (anything from texting to notes). Please try to match the length and quality of the responses I send you. I cant tell you how disappointing it is to spend hours on crafting something only to have something that is one, grammatically incomprehensible, and two, doesn't contribute anything to the storyline nor insight any interest in continuing the role play sent in response. Also, do not hesitate to make drama or action in the roleplays, do not ever worry about possible ruining any plans for I have none and it is so dull to always have to come up with all the action an plot myself. As I stated above, please don't ask to start a roleplay only to not be able to roleplay once we start. I am looking for active members and i'm tired of becoming interested in the rp only to have the outlet yanked cruelly from me.

If i have roleplayed with you in the past and we discontinued for an unknown reason but you wish to continue now, note me and we will either pick up were we left off or we will start over with something new

Below is an example of what ill be sending you and the quality I expect back. My responds are usually much longer than this but I feel you've had to read enough and deserve some mercy for your most noble perseverance

Ex. Cormac rested against the ship’s hull for a moment, the cool metal almost seeming to burn against his hot skin as he tried to catch his breath. His ragged gasping filled the air, his usually pale hide now red and hot to the touch. He gritted his teeth before a sharp crack broke the temporary silence, followed quickly by a restrained hiss of pain. He lowered his left hand, mangled and bloody, the bones that had been almost pulped now set back into their proper place. He slid farther down the hull, falling onto his buttock with a thump as his eyelids fluttered, the blood loss catching up with him, threatening to doom him more certainly than the one that had shattered his hand. 



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